In order to use the PdfPaper app, you must first install the folder monitoring version of the iPaper software. Due to various technical circumstances, we currently only support iPaper version 3.0.61 - you can download this version here.

After downloading you can install the software like any other software using the included wizard. For this an internet connection is necessary, because during the setup the interface Ghostscript is also installed. If there is no possibility to install with internet, you have to install Ghostscript separately before you start with the installation of the iPaper. You can find a download for Ghostscript here.

After installation, you will have a trial license of the software for 30 days. If a new license has not been activated by the end of this period, the PDF will only be generated with a watermark.

Activating the license

To activate the license you have purchased, you need to open the “Product Activation Manager”. You can do this either by using the Windows search function or alternatively, right click on the iPaper icon in the toolbars and click “Info” and “Activate”.

Now follow the steps below to activate your license:

“Activate Application” -> enter the user data under “Activate online” -> select the purchased license.

This activates the current installation. For more information on how to handle licenses, e.g. if you need to move them, see the official iPaper Wiki. (page only available in German)

You can ignore the possibly still existing demo license.