New and planned

Version - 31.05.2023


  • Fixes insufficient permissions at XRechnung creation and sending

Version - 22.05.2023

New features:

  • Integration of Connector 365 Mail Attachments Plus
  • Possibility to flexibly set in the dialog which attachments are embedded in the XRechnung XML file and which are considered as additional attachments via mail

Version - 26.04.2023


  • Writing a negative validation report when sending via Easy Batch no longer results in an error.

Version - 14.04.2023

  • Implementation of additional table for saving additional files for each process.

Version - 06.01.2023

  • Implementation of new license check.

Version from 17.11.2022

  • Error Correction: Using the app together with other COnnector 365 Apps Easy Batch and Addressee Control no longer results in an error.

Version from 04.11.2022

  • Compatibility with Connector 365 Addressee Control App
  • Improved form for license orders

Version from 21.10.2022


  • The usage combined with apps Mail Subject Plus and Easy Batch no longer results in an error during the send process.
  • Changes within the Email dialog no longer result in an error.

Version from 23.09.2022

  • Dependency from the new version of app Connector 365 Base (
  • Transfering table “Joblist Entry” to “Activity Entry”


  • Compatibility with XRechnung 2.2


  • Improvements in the integration of Connector 365 Easy Batch app


  • Possibility to control and overwrite XML fields by event.


  • Document layout now overrides report selection per usage.
  • Error correction dialog: Subpage “Attachments” was displayed twice.
  • The correct e-mail layout is now always used.
  • Service area is now available for XRechnung.


  • Bug fixes
  • Support for service invoices and service credit notes


  • Bug fixes
  • Integration to Easy Batch


  • The Connector 365 XRechnung app now relies on our base app
  • Adding events to control the XRechnung
  • Bug fixes


  • Status tracking in Role center
  • Invoice accompanying attachments
  • Revised XRechnung dialog
  • Syntax check of Ident ID
  • Extension of input for Ident IDs
  • XRechnung version adapted


  • Creating an XRechnung XML file
  • Sending the XRechnung by mail using the standard BC Mail dialog.
  • Sending of a validation report, which confirms the conformity of the invoice to the recipient.
  • Displaying the validation report for the user in case of “non-conformity”
  • Aborting the sending in case of “non-conformity”
  • Improvement of the WebService query / DLL for the check report