First steps


To fully use the Connector 365 E-POST App*, prior registration with Deutsche Post is required. The registration page can be found here (only available in German) but also directly in the Connector 365 E-POST App.

We will be happy to assist you in registering the E-POSTBUSINESS API with the Deutsche Post. To do so, simply contact

In the registration form you will be asked for various contact information. Fill in the form, but first make sure that you are registering as a business customer.

It is also important to note that the personal data does not refer to the business owner, but to the admin who will take care of the E-POSTBUSINESS API.

You will come across the EKP number field in the form, this is an optional field. If you are already a Deutsche Post customer, you can enter your EKP (customer number) here, this will speed up the registration process.

After you have filled in all the important data, you can press the registration button at the bottom of the page.

An important step follows, on the next page, a mobile phone number is requested. Here it is important that you choose a number that will be accessible in the further course of the setup, because this number will receive the PIN for the generation of the secret in the later course.

Finally, you will need to specify a payment method (which can also be changed later) and tell Deutsche Post which data will be used in your letters and by which people data will be used in your letters so that an commissioned processing of data agreement can be created.

When these steps are done you can confirm the button “Order with costs” to complete the registration.

The registration of the E-POSTBUSINESS API is free of charge. Only postage costs are due, as usual. Current E-POSTBUSINESS API postage costs (only available in German). Deutsche Post will settle the postage costs directly with you.

After completing the registration, you will receive an e-mail at the address you provided previously, which confirms the registration. Within the next 3 working days you will receive your order data (and your EKP) from Deutsche Post, which concludes the registration and allows you to proceed with the setup.

*The Connector 365 E-POST App is powered by the E-POSTBUSINESS API, a service of the Deutsche Post