New and planned features of the Connector 365 CTI for STARFACE App

Here you will find all help and learning resources for new and planned features of the Connector 365 CTI for STARFACE App.

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Planned functions for future versions

  • Customization of the job list to match the app
  • Hiding the CTI functions in the Role center for non-CTI users

Version - 30.01.2024

  • removed no longer used page

Version - 15.09.2023

  • Manual creation of phone entries
  • Adjustment of CTI client startup behavior - client is started automatically only once per session

Version - 14.04.2023

  • Anpassung des Azure AD-App Berechtigungssatzes für die neue Version

Version - 06.01.2023

  • Implementation of new license check.
  • Error correction for writng of activity entries.
    In some cases an error occured while writing the entry, because it already existed.

Version vom 16.11.2022

  • Error correction: When a person contact calls from now on the contact card of this person will open instead of the company contact card.

Version from 04.11.2022

  • Improved form for license orders

Version vom 17.10.2022

  • Error correction for writing contactdata from calls

Version from 13.10.2022

  • Dependency from new version of app Connector 365 Base (
  • Moved table “Joblist ENtry” to “Activity Entry”
  • Added compatibility for versons 7.1 for STARFACE phone systems
  • Corrections
    • Entries in joblist were not always assigned to the correct user.
    • Not answered calls would sometimes not be removed from CTI-Client.


  • New options in the user setup
    • Call direction for opening the CTI page
    • Time of opening the card
    • Behavior if contact is not available
  • New module setup for STARFACE version 7.x and higher.


  • The phone notes can now be edited afterwards.
  • It is possible to set when the CTI card opens.


  • Warning when closing the CTI Client
  • Changes to the module setup


  • CTI status in Role center
  • Button to open the CTI Client in the Role center
  • Automatic conversion of phone numbers
  • Freely definable CTI page
  • Web service is generated automatically


  • Minor corrections
  • Click to Dial for phone and mobile number
  • Show unknown numbers on incoming calls
  • The CTI client opens automatically when you log in to Business Central


  • Displaying contact data during incoming calls
  • No missed calls, thanks to automatic call tracking
  • Note function to write down important call details
  • Automatic logging of start times and the length of every call