Goods receipt/quality protocol

The requirements for quality logs vary from company to company. For this reason, Easy Supra provides a wealth of additional fields with different data types (“Date”, “Decimal”, “Boolean”, etc.). In just a few steps, an individual quality protocol can be set up using the fields provided in Easy Supra.
supplied in Easy Supra. Depending on the existing customer license, this set-up can be performed
independently or by the responsible Microsoft partner.
After defining the structure of your quality protocol, the relevant information can be transferred in the order process. You will find in the lines of the purchase orders, the
purchase deliveries and in the purchasing archive, you will find a link to the quality log (see Figure 29).
(see Figure 29).

Figure 29: Call up quality log in purchase order.

In the corresponding selected line, the “Quality log available” field will indicate whether a quality log has already been filled in for it. Create the quality log before posting the goods receipt. After the goods receipt has been posted
the quality protocol is transferred to the posted delivery. In the purchase order, another
quality protocol can be stored in the purchase order, e.g. if it is a partial delivery.
Exactly one quality log can be created for a selected order line (see Figure 29). When creating a quality log, in addition to general data, goods receipt-specific data can also be entered.
specific data (cf. Fig. 30) can be recorded or even pictures can be attached (cf. Fig. 31). Via the links in the “Start” menu, the
The links in the “Start” menu can be used to open the cards of the respective vendor, the booked purchase delivery, the article or the purchase order. After successful entry of the goods receipt, it is possible to check via
the menu ribbon, the status of the log can be set to processed (cf. Figure 30).
With the help of this functionality, the innovation of the workflows from NAV 2016 can be included in the evaluation of the suppliers.

Figure 30: Example quality protocol - goods receipt.

Fig. 31: Example quality protocol - attach images

A quality log requirement can be set for certain items. This prevents
the posting of the article in the goods receipt, if no quality protocol has been
has been made. This setting can be set via the article card of an article in the “Procurement” tab (cf. Figure 32).
tab (see Figure 32)

Figure 32: Set quality protocol requirement (article card).

The quality protocol can be printed via the action “Print protocol” in the menu ribbon (cf.
(cf. Figure 33). These printouts can be sent, for example, to