Working with E-POST


The document types supported by our app can be found summarized in the introduction.

In our example we focus on posted sales invoices. All other documents can be processed the same way.

First select the document you want to send.

Now there are two ways to send the document as a letter. Either by using the standard function Send…, whereby the document is sent depending on the specified document sending profile or by using the function Send as Letter.

Both functions can be accessed via the menu bar under Print/Send.

The dialog

In the dialog you have the possibility to adjust certain options for sending the letter, e.g. whether you want to send the letter in black and white or in color.

After you have made all desired changes, you can execute the dispatch with a click on OK. Your invoice will now be sent to Deutsche Post and from there to the recipient’s mailbox.

The App automatically extracts the recipient’s address from their data


Field Description
Color Here you choose whether the letter is printed in color or b/w
With Coverletter Sending letters with a cover sheet ensures that the letter does not exceed the areas required for printing by Deutsche Post.
Duplex Allows letters to be sent as a duplex
Registered Letter Here you can set up the different ways of registered letters
Contact Name The name of the recipient
Adressline 1 The street of the recipient
Adressline 2 More information about the address
Post Code The postal code of the recipient
City The city of the recipient
Country The country of the recipient

*The Connector 365 E-POST App is powered by the E-POSTBUSINESS API, a service of the Deutsche Post