First steps


Thanks to the enhanced mail capabilities Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central received plenty of new Email functions which improves the experience when mailing directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our Mail Plus apps aim to further improve that experience with quality of life functions that users might miss. To give easy access to these quality of life functions we have decided to roll them into one central app for users that desire the whole package of improvements - Easy Document Pin.

When you send reminders to your customers, you often find that they request a copy of the relevant invoice(s) after receiving the reminder. This results in a follow-up email in which each invoice must be individually converted into a PDF document and then attached. This process is not only error-prone, but also inefficient.

No more follow-up emails

With Connector 365 Easy Document Pin, follow-up emails are a thing of the past. After a simple setup, the app automatically attaches the dunned invoices to the email when the reminder is sent. This makes the process more efficient and gives the customer a quick overview of which invoices need to be paid.

The setup can be customized to meet your company’s needs

Specify per reminder method after which reminder level the invoices should be automatically attached. An import function makes the setup even faster.