Groups offer you the possibility to sort your users no matter if it is a subdivision per department or per team, it can be mapped with groups. Users assigned to a group will only see other users from the same group in their CTI client. The use of groups is optional.

Open with the search function the “CTI Groups”, here you find a table with two columns.

If you want to create a new group, click “New” to activate the editing. Now enter the desired ID for the group in the “Group ID” field. Then give the group a complete name in the “Group name” field.

Repeat this process until all desired groups are created.


The next step is to create your users. Open the search function again and search for “User setup”, create the desired user in the table if it does not already exist. Then check “CTI active” in the lower part of the dialog to enable the use of CTI for this user.
Now enter the extension number of the user in the field for the extension number. Finally you can optionally assign a group to the user, this can be done in the field “CTI group”.

In the “CTI page” field, you can select any pages that will open automatically when incoming calls are received. These pages are based on the following tables:

  • Contacts (5050)
  • Customers (22)
  • Vendors (27)

For customers and vendors, note that they must be linked to a contact.

In the field “When to open CTI card” you can configure when exactly the contact is opened. Either at the incoming call or only when the call is accepted by someone.

Repeat this process for all users of the Connector 365 CTI for STARFACE App.