Working with Easy Batch

Sending Scenarios

Basically you have the possibility to use several job modes at the same time in use with the batch function. You only have to set this up accordingly in the document layouts.

If the batch dispatch is triggered while several job modes are set up for a document, they will be triggered one after the other.

Example 1

One scenario where this functionality may be desired would be in the transition phase from postal delivery to purely digital delivery via email, this looks like the following in the document layouts:

This way, when the batch mailing is triggered, the corresponding debtors would receive an email and also a letter at the same time.

Example 2

Another possible scenario would be to send it by email and print it for archiving. This would look like the following:

Basically there are no limitations in the area of combinability of the different job modes. It depends only on the respective working method, in how far the different combinations make sense.