Setting up the individual modules

The Connector 365 Mail Experience Pro app combines the 3 apps from our Mail Pro series into one power app. Below we will tell you how to set up each area.

Mail Subject Plus area

The Mail Subject Plus area is for adding your own dynamic subject lines per report or customer to your emails. You can use placeholders to define your own content.

Setup Subject

Mail Attachments Plus area

Mail Attachments Plus allows you to control your mail attachments at various levels and specify attachments that will always be attached to specific reports when sent by default. Control for attachments over a period of time is also possible.

Attachments Setup

Addressee Control

Addressee Control allows you to control of the addressee per report type.
For each report type you decide wether the customer from the field Bill-to Customer or Sell-to Customer will be used to define the addressee.

Setup Addressee

Custom Filename

Use preset filenames in your files and avoid sending unpersonalized documents.

Setup Addressee

Easy Batch

Process multiple documents at once with ease.

Setup Addressee

Report Layout Plus

Choose different report layouts for many customizable conditions.

Setup Addressee

Easy Document Pin

Automatically attach invoices to your reminders.

Setup Addressee