Working with the E-POST API


After sending the invoice, you can check the status in the joblist. This can be found in the factbox area directly on the overview of the documents. Here you can see when the letter was sent, who sent it and what the status is.

In the factbox area of the documents you can find the Connector 365 Activities. There you find the brief overview to each process. You can find this overview in the list view as well as the card view of the documents.
By clicking the field Accepted at you cand navigate the the complete overview. By clicking the field Status you can navigate to the detailed state overview of the process.

The page Connector 365 Activities provides you with a detailed overview of all letters that have been sent. It shows which options were used and displays any error messages that may have occurred. If the option Save file in job list is active in the setup, you can also view the sent document. To do this simply click on the name of the file under File name.

Clicking on the status marker of an entry opens the table of feedback entries.

Of interest here are the status ID reported back by the E-Post API, the descriptive status text and time details for various processing steps. In the case of processing errors, these are logged with the associated code, error level and description.

The status is subdivided by the Deutsche Post API into the following levels:

Status Meaning
1 Acceptance of the shipment: successful transmission of the shipment
Status placement: upon successful upload of the shipment
2 Processing of the shipment: PDF has been checked and released for shipment to the printing center
Status placement: a few minutes after acceptance of the shipment
3 Delivery to print center: Receipt of the shipment has been reported back to the API by the print center
Status placement: within the next few hours after the shipment has been processed
4 Processing in print center: Shipment has been reported back as “shipped” by print center
Status placement: one to two business days after posting to print center
99 Processing error: See error list

A quick overview of successfully sent, still open and unsuccessfully sent documents of the last 30 days can be found on the E-Post status tiles in the role center.

Error list

Below you will find a list of codes related to possible errors, warnings and information.

Error code type Error code description Prefix
Error Error occurred, action required, processing aborted E
Warnings Error occurred, possible need for action, no processing abort W
Infos Pure information, no need for action I
Error code Description
E001 Invalid access data - Please check your login data
E002 Invalid access data - VendorSubID invalid
E003 Too many SMS requests - Too many SMS codes were requested within a short time. The request via this identifier is blocked for 15 min.
E004 This EKP has been blocked by Deutsche Post AG
E101 Invalid token - expired
E201 Invalid status query - No shipment was found using this search criterion
E301 No PDF format detected
E302 Detected violation of DVF blocking range
E303 Maximum file size of 20 MB exceeded
E304 Maximum page count of 94 pages exceeded
E305 Invalid country code: {placeholder for error details}
E306 Invalid recipient address format detected: {placeholder for error details}
E307 1st page delivered in landscape format - file name: {placeholder for error details}
E308 No DinA4 format - file name: {placeholder for error details}
E309 Duplicate detected in submitted file name - {placeholder for error details}
E311 Illegal combination: registered mail and foreign country
E312 Illegal combination: dublex + registered mail
E313 Violation of letter scheme: {placeholder for error details}
E314 Maximum cover sheet file size of 1 MB exceeded
E315 Error in shipment processing: {placeholder for error details}
E316 Error in shipment upload: {placeholder for error details}
E317 Illegal registered letter format in RegisteredLetter field: {placeholder for error details}
E318 Rejection in print center: {placeholder for error details}
E319 EKP is not released for the print center. Live shipping is currently not yet possible
E320 The maximum number of test shipments allowed per day has been reached. No further test shipments are possible today
E321 (Overhauled) Not all necessary return address fields for registered mail by return receipt were specified
E322 Too high query frequency of letter status requests. The minimum time between 2 status queries is 5 seconds
E323 No content detected in recipient area of PDF (White area)
E399 General error: {placeholder for error details}
E501 API status: Inactive {placeholder for error details}
E601 PlugIn error: {placeholder for error details}
E900 Unspecified error: {placeholder for error details}
Warning Code Description
W101 PDF/A conversion warnings: {placeholder for details}
W201 Overrun address range: {placeholder for details}
W202 Exceeding blocking area left: This area is whitened in the print center
W220 The specified data for the return receipt of registered mail will only be determined automatically from the viewing window of the letter as of 01.10.2022. This applies in particular to the return address from the sender line that can be determined in the window. Possible explicit entries will no longer be used from this date onwards.
W301 Sender address not available
W501 API status: maintenance notification {placeholder for details}
W601 PlugIn warning: {placeholder for details}
Info Code Description
I101 Additional option: PDF -> PDFA conversion
I501 API status: OK
I601 PlugIn Info: {placeholder for details}
I701 Track And Trace Status Message: {placeholder for details}
I751 Destination Status Message: {placeholder for details}