Working with the PdfPaper App

Using the stationery

Once stored, the stationery is automatically remembered when PDFs are created. In doing so, we support any operation where a PDF is provided.

We support the following reports

Sales Purchase
Quote Inquiries
Sales Order Purchase Order
Blanket purchase order Blanket sales order
Post. sales invoice Sales purchase invoice
Post. sales credit memo Post. purchase credit memo
Reg. Reminder

Our other apps that involve PDF creation also support the Connector 365 PdfPaper app:

  • Connector 365 E-POST API
  • Connector 365 XRechnung
  • Connector 365 Easy Batch

Preview function

Before actually creating the PDF for the process, you have the option to preview it once. Select your document and then use the preview function via Print/Send -> Preview. The finished document will now be displayed.