Standard attachments per customer and report.

Another way to add attachments is to add them as defaults for customers, for example, if there are conditions that only apply to a specific customer. Open the customer you want to add defaults to and expand the options in the menu via “More options”, click “Navigate” and select “Document layouts”.

If you have a previously have set up defaults in the report selection, it is possible to automatically also attach these when setting up attachments per customer - simply click the “Copy from Report Selection” button.

If you want to set up your own attachments select the report for which you want to add default attachments, we will use invoices again in this example. As before, you will notice the new Attachments field. You open the attachments dialog by clicking on the zero.

The rest of the process works the same as adding standard attachments to reports without customizing them. You can use the same options as before, including the date range. After you have added your defaults, close the Attachments dialog box.

One important thing to note about standards set on a per-custom basis is that they override the regular standards. In case this is not desired, checking the box in the “Standard Attachments” field will add the custom attachments in addition to the standard ones.

Once the attachments are set, a mail can be sent as usual, instructions on how to do this can be found in “Working with Mail Attachment Plus” under Customer Default Attachments