Set up additional e-mail recipients

In addition to the functionality to set up destination addresses per job mode and usage,
Connector 365 Addressee Control offers another feature that allows you to set up even more email recipients per customer and usage. To learn how to set this up, please see below.


You can store additional customer destination addresses in the document layouts of the desired customer.

The Connector 365 Addressee Control app adds another field to the Document Layouts: Additional Destinations.

The content of the field indicates whether other destination addresses are set up at the current time. In this case
the content of the Other destinations field is: No, because no destination addresses have been set up yet.

Now click on the content of the field. Another page will open:

There are now three fields available:

Field Function
Target The e-mail address, which is stored as another recipient address
CC The configured e-mail address (Target) is accepted as CC recipient
BCC The configured e-mail address (Target) is accepted as BCC recipient
If an e-mail address is set up, but neither CC nor BCC are selected, the e-mail address set up will be stored as the direct recipient.

You can create as many lines as you want and configure them differently per line.
Example setup:

Once you have set up your desired additional recipients, you can close the page.
If you now go back to the Document Layouts of the customer/vendor you just set up,
the value of the Additional Destinations field should have changed from No to Yes:

Now you can repeat the same steps for other uses (e.g. sales credit memo) if needed.

The destination addresses are stored per customer/vendor and per report usage. A customer/vendor can therefore store different destination addresses for each report usage.

Learn here how to work with the other destination addresses that have been set up.