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Connector 365 Mail Attachment Plus - Your Attachment Solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you also find yourself in situations where you want to attach more than just the report to an email? Like your T&Cs, drafts or additional information for customers, but the default settings of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central prevent you from doing so? This forces you to interrupt the workflow and send these files after the recipient has already received the report…. In the worst case, you get distracted by other work and forget to send the email.

Manage your attachments like a pro.
Mail Attachments Plus offers a wealth of features to help you with your attachments - and you’ll never have to leave Dynamics 365 Business Central to send attachments to recipients. The workflow remains the same, just start the sending process for your selected document and you’ll notice the new Attachments field where you can add all the attachments you want - the file type doesn’t matter. Moreover, you can easily set up default attachments for documents such as T&Cs that should always be attached to an email.

Standard attachments in all reports.
Do you attach the same files over and over again? Just add them to the standard attachments. Standard attachments allow you to save time by setting up specific files to be sent whenever you send a particular report. This is especially useful for things like terms and conditions or advertisements. You will also see these available at the accounts receivable level.