Valuation - Vendor List

This report provides you with a list of all vendors for a given vendor rating.

Figure 40: Option mask for the report.
“Vendor Evaluation - Vendor List “

The list outputs the following information: Vendor no., vendor name, result for hard and soft criteria, the corresponding score range achieved incl. “Classification”.
and finally the achieved total score as “final result” per vendor.

You can directly access linked information in this report: With a click
on the underlined vendor number in blue font, the standard Business Central card of the corresponding vendor opens. In the “Valued entries” column, both for
for both hard and soft criteria, the number of evaluations carried out for the respective
supplier for both hard and soft criteria (see Figure 41). Clicking on the classification result or the
total number of points, the report “Evaluation - single supplier” opens directly. All detailed information can then be taken from this report, if available (cf.

Figure 41: Vendor Rating Report - Vendor List