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The Connector 365 E-POST App* is available on Microsoft AppSource.

After the download you have the following test options:

No registered E-POST customer
You will receive a message when testing the app stating that there would be a letter dispatch at this point. If you want to register, you can find a guide here

Registered E-POST customer
The following options are available to you as a registered E-POST customer:

  • Test mode sending - you will receive the letter by mail to a previously specified address.
  • Productive shipping - your letter will be correctly sent to the recipient.

For both options you need your EKP number. If you do not have it at hand, please contact us.

After installation the full functionality of the app can be used for 30 days free of charge.
The postage costs incurred during testing will be billed directly to you via Deutsche Post.

If the trial period is too short for you, please contact us at support@belware.de. We will be happy to arrange an individual test period with you.

Connector 365 E-POST API is available for the following BC licensing:

  • SaaS Essential
  • SaaS Premium

If the app suits your requirements you can purchase full licenses via our order form.
Licensing is on a per-user basis, counting each user with a Team Member or Essentials license.
Before placing an order, you can find the applicable costs in the price list provided on our website.
One license includes the use of the app in one production and in three sandbox environments.
The postage costs incurred through use will be billed to you directly by Deutsche Post.

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*The Connector 365 E-POST App is powered by the E-POSTBUSINESS API, a service of the Deutsche Post