First steps


The Upgrade App was developed for customers who are upgrading from a system up to BC14 to a newer Business Central version and are also upgrading from the Connector NAV/BC to the Connector 365 Apps.
As there are differences in the technical implementation between the Connector NAV/BC and the Connector 365 Apps, it is necessary to transfer the table data belonging to the Connector NAV/BC to the new tables of the Connector 365 Apps.
This transfer is the task of the Upgrade App.
In detail, the following data is transferred:

  • Contents of the old feedback table into the new feedback table, in order to be able to display status messages for archived operations.
  • Entries from the old joblist into the new activity list in order to continue to have archived operations available
  • Settings from the communication matrix of Connector NAV/BC into the document layouts of the Business Central Standard

It is assumed that the table data of the Connector NAV/BC (tables: CON *) have been transferred from Navision/Business Central (<=BC14) to the database of the current BC version.


The following prerequisites are required to install and run the Connector Upgrade app:

  • At least the Connector 365 Base app is successfully installed. (It is recommended that all Connector 365 Apps to be used in the future are installed prior to the upgrade).
  • All Connector NAV/BC tables from the older NAV/BC installation (<=BC14) are included in the SQL database of the new Business Central version.
  • The client or clients from the older NAV/BC installation for which data is to be transferred are present in the new Business Central version.
  • If you wish to take over the Connector NAV/BC communication matrix, customers and vendors from the older versions should also exist in Business Central and be accessible via the same numbers.