Stationery in the report selection

The report selection is one of two places where you can store your stationery.

To do this, open the corresponding report selection, e.g. “Report selection - Sales”. Now select the report for which you want to store a stationery.
You will find the new field “Stationery”. Click on the field, a new window will open where you can select your stationery.

If this is the first time you open this window, the selection will be empty.

Creating new stationery

If you want to create a completely new stationery, click on “New”, the stationery will automatically be assigned a new sequential number. Via Stationery Name, you must now select a specific stationery. Click on the three dots and open “Select” in the new window and select the stationery.

Note: The stationery must be stored in the folder specified in iPaper Setup, otherwise the stationery will not be merged correctly.

After the stationery has been added, you can now select it.

You can now create the report you selected with the set stationery. Repeat this process until all the reports you use have a stationery file stored.

You can now optionally store a stationery per customer.