To set the destination address logic as desired via the Connector 365 Addressee Control app, open one of the Report Selections pages.

Please refer to the following table of currently usable report selections for use with Connector 365 Addressee Control.
Usage Supported
Cash Flow
Reminder/Finance Charge from version on
Bank Account
Service from version on

The Connector 365 Addressee Control app adds a subpage to supported report selection pages.

Example from the sales area -> Report Selection - Sales:

Now you have the possibility to set the destination address logic for different report usages.
To do this, click on the Assist button (three dots) of the Target from field number field.

This opens a new page: Possible target addresses.

Now you have the possibility to define one of the shown fields as default destination address.
The fields shown on this page are fields which have a direct link to a customer/vendor or to a contact.
So, for example, if you create a link to field no. 2 - Sell-to Customer No. for the use (sales) Invoice, in the future the recipient of a sales invoice will always be searched from the customer linked to Sell-to Customer No..

If you select a field assignment to a customer/vendor as the target address, this also influences the selection of the document layouts.
For example, if you specify for sales invoices that the sales-to-customer is to be used for the
for the search for target addresses, the settings of the document layouts of the corresponding customer will also be taken. By default, the invoice recipient is provided for this in Business Central.
With Connector 365 Addressee Control you can override this behavior.

Compatibility with other Connector 365 Apps

With Connector 365 Addressee Control, the destination address logic of additional Connector 365 Apps can also be customized.
The following Connector 365 Apps are compatible with Connector 365 Addressee Control:

  • Connector 365 XRechnung
  • Connector 365 E-Post
  • Connector 365 Easy Document Pin
  • Connector 365 Mail Experience Plus

    Connector 365 Mail Attachments Plus
    Connector 365 Mail Subject Plus