New and planned

Planned functions for future versions

  • Reactivation of negative jobs
  • Contacts editable in dialog
  • Enhancements to shipment status information
    • Processing status in the destination area
    • Franking ID
  • Simplification for ‘Registered mail return receipt’

Version - 08.03.2024


  • When no E-POST report is setup in report selections, a message will be displayed.

Version - 04.03.2024


  • The Send as function works again with E-POST

Version - 01.03.2024

New Features:

  • Establish compatibility with the new Easy Batch version

Version - 18.12.2023


  • Fixed sending of multiple documents with document sending profile.

Version - 25.10.2023


  • Fixed sending of multiple documents from list pages.

Version - 24.10.2023

New Features:

  • New Event: OnBeforeOpenDialog to change E-POST parameters.

Version - 24.10.2023

New Features:

  • New EVent: OnBeforeOpenDialog to change E-POST parameters.

Version - 06.09.2023

New Features:

  • Call of event OnAfterCompleteC365Activity after the E-POST process is completed.

Version - 07.08.2023

  • New Event OnBeforeWriteJSONContent for overriding address data.
  • Implementation of E-POST in the functions of the doucment sending profile
  • Improvement of E-POST setup:
    • Credentials can now be copied from another company.
    • Contact data of the E-POST administrator (e-mail address, mobile no.) can now be changed from within the setup.

Version - 22.05.2023

  • Support for document types from service area

Version - 14.04.2023

  • Corrections:
    • Corrected the view of the status cue in the role center.

Version - 03.03.2023

  • Correction for sending external documents:
  • The parameter DocName no longer needs to be filled for successfully sending external documents.

Version - 16.02.2023

  • Added function for sending of external documents

Version - 15.02.2023

  • Hotfix: Necessary adjustments to the data format transferred to E-Post-API due to changes in the E-Post-Api interface.
    -> Corrects message about incorrect conversion of data

Version - 19.01.2023

  • Integration of Connector 365 permission sets View, Edit und Setup.


  • Correction of the date filter of status cues in the role center.
  • The sender address will be correctly taken from the company information from now on.

Version - 06.01.2023

  • Implementation of new license check.

Version from 04.11.2022

  • Improved form for license orders
  • Compatibility with Connector 365 Addressee Control App


  • Sending of purchase documents (Purchase Order, Posted Return Order)
  • Dependency from the new version of app Connector 365 Base (
  • Moved table “joblist Entry” to “Activity Entry”


  • Automated status request for pending E-POST letters via job queue.
  • Specific special characters (",\) within address information no longer result in errors during processing.
  • Overflowing address information will no longer be considered, that erros no longeroccur during processing


  • Country codes are automatically read during installation and written to the “Countries/Region” table.
  • Global presetting for dialog and letter parameters possible in the “Connector 365 Setup” page.
  • New field “Use for E-POST” added to “Report selection sales” and “Report selection reminder”. Only reports with a check mark are taken into account.
  • Test period changed to 30 days. Previously, 5 free letters were possible here.


  • Bug fixes in the setup


  • Bug fixes
  • Integration to Easy Batch


  • Corrections in the translation


  • Sending of other document types (credit notes, reminders, quotations, orders)

    • Posted Sales Credit Memos
    • Issued Reminders
    • Quotes
    • Sales orders
  • Sending duplex letters

  • Sending status (joblist) in the factbox per document in the overview

  • Two boxes for the joblist in the Role center

  • The Connector 365 XRechnung app now relies on our base app


  • Sending E-POST letters from posted sales invoices
  • Shipping in color or b/w
  • Registered mail (posting/return receipt)
  • Archiving sent letters
  • Shipping abroad

*The Connector 365 E-POST App is powered by the E-POSTBUSINESS API, a service of the Deutsche Post#