Working with Mail Attachment Plus

Once you have added all your desired attachments via the “Attachments “ menu, you can start sending. If you have not done so yet, you can find the setup of the Document Default Attachments in the “Getting Started” section.

For the example, we have set up the attachments for a receipt as follows:

An image and a PDF have been set as standard.

If you are using a Business Central version in which the Mail Experience is not yet available, the procedure is a little different.

Mail with standard attachments per document

To do this, simply open the report for which you previously set up your attachments and then click “Print/Send” and the regular “Send by Email” function.

The standard Microsoft Mail Experience will open, if you scroll down to the Attachments section you will find the attachments you previously set up.

Unlike the previously shown examples, all attachments are added here, there is no restriction to a certain period.

If one of the attachments does not fit, you can simply remove it as usual, via the 3 dots and “delete”.

Using the Mail Attachment Plus App does not prevent you from using the attachment functionality of the standard. You can still add more attachments via the menu bar under “Attach file”. With a click on “Manage” -> “Attach file” this is also possible.

When you have made all the changes to your attachments, you can send your mail as usual by clicking “Send email”.