E-Post Summary

For companies with a high volume of postal items, the “Summary” function is available. This allows individual documents to be combined into a larger mailing. In this way, further savings can be achieved.

Set up task queue

In order for the function to work as intended, you must first set up a separate task queue for the Summary function. So open the task queue items and create a new queue item. In the dialog that opens, you can now configure the queue.

Apply the settings from the screenshot. You can adjust the repetition according to your workflows. We recommend setting the minutes between executions to 5.

Using the summary function

Now that the queue has been set up, you can start using the feature. Open a template of your choice and select the E-Post Summary function. All reports processed through these functions will now be summarized, processed through the queue at the same time and sent as one letter per debtor.

Please note the limits of Deutsche Post. A letter can be a maximum of 94 pages or 20 MB in size.