New in the documentations:

As always, we have adapted our documentation according to the new features. In which documentation individual points can be found is listed.

To the documentations

Enhancements of standard features:

Append attachments before/behind documents.
With this feature, which is available in user reports & in the mail dialog, you can connect attachments directly to your document to be sent and send them as one file.
For more information on exactly how to use this feature, please see the setup doc or the doc for the mail module.

Revised CTI contact card.
The contact card, which opens on incoming calls, has been enhanced with some new features. Now a corresponding entry is automatically created in the job list on an incoming call, which can be edited from the contact card. In addition, you now have access to a job list filtered by company or contact.


E-POST Hotfix
Previously it was not possible to send E-POST letters via server mode for technical reasons, this is now possible again. In the course of this, an incorrect dialog in the job list has also been corrected.

Extension of DoJob functions
The DoJob functions have been extended by the Printer function. This allows the Printer function (print without iPaper) to work in batch mode.

Optimization DoJob functions
The parameters of the DoJob functions have been unified based on the DoJobPostSalesInvoice function.

New features:

More new templates
In addition to our already known templates, templates for projects are now available.
An overview of all templates and their functions can be found in our overview.

Printer per user
You now have the option to specify a printer per user in the pdfPaper item in the user setup.
For more information on this function, please refer to the pdfPaper documentation.