To install the module you must first stop the RTC instance, this step must be executed on all RTC servers. Then place the .dll files “NetUiControll.dll” and “OutlookHandlerLib.dll” in the following folder:

folder to drop

Now restart the RTC instance.
The add-in has now been registered by the RTC. Now open the control add-ins page.

(Administration/IT Administration/General/Control Add-Ins)

Access control add-ins through search

Now on the page open a new line enter the following parameters exactly:

Add-in name: Belware.DragDropNet.

Public key token: d678d7304c35f0b

Category: Add-In für DotNet Steuerelemente

Overview control add-ins

Now restart the again the RTC instance.
First import the objects of the correct version from the “DragAndDropObjectsEvn” .txt or .fob file.
After that you can create a new part on any Card Page in the FactBoxArea area which you call “DragAndDrop”.

In the column “properties” select the option “PartType” = Page and “PagePartID” = Drag and Drop FactBox

On the same Page, in the “OnAfterGetCurrRecord” trigger at the end of the trigger, write the following code:

//>>DragDropEVN Start



//<<DragDropEVN End

Save and compile the object.
Now open the source table of the Card Page and create a global variable. Then write the following code at the end of the trigger.

//>>DragDropEVN Start


//<<DragDropEVN End

After you save and compile the object, you are done.