Options & advanced options of the communication matrix

The following functions can be found in the communication matrix. From point 11 onwards, these can only be used in conjunction with the pdfPaper module.

Field Name Function
1 Stack mode specifies whether the entry also applies to batch mode processing
2 SpreadsheetID specifies to which spreadsheet the entry refers (deb./credit/contact)
3 Spreadsheet name automatically filled with the spreasheet name
4 No. Lot. number of the deb./credit/contact
5 Name automatically filled with the name of the deb./credit/contact
6 ReportID here the report is selected for which the entry is valid
7 Report name automatically filled with the report name
8 Job mode here the job mode is elected for which the entry is valid
9 Target adress sets the target address depending on the job mode (e-mail/fax no. etc.)
10 Other target adresses sets additional destination addresses for CC/BCC for job mode eMail
Only usable in combination with pdfPaper modul
11 PDFA level specifies whether and which PDF/A layer should be used
12 PDFA ZUGFeRD specifies wether ZUGFeRD is used
13 PDF password defines a password which is used to encrypt the sent PDF files.
14 Server print printer specifies the printer that prints the documents
15 PEPPOL version specifies the used version of PEPPOL
15 PEPPOL usage specifies if or where PEPPOL is used