Example progress password assignment

By assigning passwords, you can protect sentitive content when it is sent. Because an unprotected PDF file is comparable to a postcard - anyone who has access can read it. You have various options for assigning passwords.

Function „Show password“

Of course, it is important that passwords remain protected - however, it can happen that passwords are forgotten or misplaced. For this case there is a function “Show password” - this function, which can be assigned on a user basis, allows to view the password of PDF files.

Connector NAV Job list, function „Show password“

The function is avaiable in the job list and the communication matrix. To enable it for a user, go to the user setup and select the intended user. Once there, unfold the pdfPaper tab.

Connector NAV user setup, register pdfPaper

After you have marked the field, the “Show password” function is available to the user. Now simply close the window.

Overview previous possibilities

In this doc we have already briefly shown two ways you can password protect PDF files, here is a brief overview again.

Connector NAV dialog mode PDF, tab pdfPaper

You can assign a password directly in the pdfPaper tab when creating a PDF, which will then protect the created file.

Connector NAV Dialog Mode Expression, tab pdfPaper

This is the other method shown previously, where before printing and mixing with the letter paper, a password can be assigned to the PDF file created.

Password assignment via communication matrix

The previously shown methods for assigning passwords were manual, but it is also possible to assign passwords automatically via the communication matrix. So that, for example, all PDF files sent to a specific contact are protected.

First open the communication matrix overview and create a new matrix for a contact or select an existing one. Now enter the password you intended in the PDF password field.

In this example, all invoices of customer 40000 are now sent with a password.

After you have assigned the password, you can simply close the communication matrix.