Brief description / overview

This documentation contains explanations on the integration, functionality and use of Easy Supra in a Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 Business Central environment.
use of Easy Supra in a Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 Business Central environment. The product can also be used for earlier versions (from NAV 4.x).
Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner in this regard.
The supplier evaluation enables the execution of a company-specific and
independent classification of suppliers. Here it is possible to define several evaluations over a flexible validity period for certain vendors, so that
vendor groups can be evaluated differently. The evaluation is based on “hard
and “soft” criteria are used for evaluation. Examples of “hard” factors may include quantity reliability, on-time delivery, delivery reliability, packaging and transportation protection, complaint rate, etc. Examples of “soft” criteria can be
the advertising value of the supplier, the transport connection, the exclusive supply, the willingness to communicate, the goodwill behavior, the after-sales service, the development potential
and the like. In order to do justice to the individuality of your company, the
and weighting of your individual criteria are structured flexibly, are not subject to any fixed
and can therefore be set up by you.
In summary, the Easy Supra supplier rating for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be used to evaluate a large amount of data available in the system on suppliers and the associated goods flows.
and the associated flow of goods can be evaluated as required without the need for additional programming. There are therefore no limits to flexibility and individuality. This integrated solution is unique on the market: for example, different supplier evaluations can be created for software and hardware manufacturers. It
an objective view of different suppliers of a company is created. Data
that has already been collected and is available in the system can be easily integrated and evaluated in Easy Supra. The time required for supplier evaluation with Easy Supra
with Easy Supra is minimized. The user is therefore flexible and free to decide which supplier should be evaluated, when and according to which criteria and patterns.
should be evaluated.