The dialog


Dialog Mode Email, Actions

View attachments 1-4 This action allows you to view the selected attachments.
Add files Via this action you can select additional files to be sent as attachments.
Show Documents Via this action you can view the added documents as a list.
Register General

Dialog Mode E-POST, Register General

field description
Job No. Unique job number, assigned by the Connector NAV.
UserID Current login
Report Name The report name assigned to the report. (from the interface transfer)
Document Number Document number of the document. (from the interface transfer)
file type file type of the document. (from the interface transfer)
Job mode Job mode of the operation. (from the interface transfer)
Send via This field shows the e-mail interface.
Server Processing Indicates whether this is a server job. (from the interface transfer)
Clearance Indicates whether the job is released. (always set to YES for non-server jobs)
Date/Time specification If the job is a server job, or if external communication software is in use, the operation can be executed with a date and time specification. (For OfficeMaster, Twinfax, Tobit)
Destination address Recipient’s e-mail address
Register E-POST

Dialog Mode Mail, Register E-POST

field description
Subject Subject of the E-POST letter for logging purposes.
Email Sender Address of the E-POST sender from the interface transfer.
E-POST with cover sheet
E-POST color selection
E-POST electronic try
options that can be specified for the dispatch. Depending on the setting, the price per document varies, refer to the Connector NAV Setup and Configuration documentation.
Contact details tab

Mail Mode dialog, Contact Data tab

field description
Contact data An overview of the contact’s address. This is only a display, the data cannot be changed.
Attachments tab

Mail Mode Dialog, Attachments tab

field description
Contact data Any formats are supported. Automatically populated in conjunction with Connector NAV user report setup.