Rating - Setup

The evaluation “Evaluation - Setup” shows the compilation and setup of the
supplier rating. To do this, first select the respective supplier rating via
the “Lookup” button.

Figure 39 : Option mask for the report

The report provides the breakdown of the “hard” and “soft” criteria, as well as the classifications used, and presents them clearly (see Figure 40). This makes it possible for every
user to understand the details that make up the selected supplier rating.
is composed of. This overview can differ from one supplier rating set up to another (e.g., from one supplier rating to another).
to another (e.g., for service providers, freight forwarders, hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers).

Figure 40: Evaluation report - setup

The information in the “Valuation - Setup” report corresponds exactly to the information that was
made when the corresponding assessment was set up (cf. 3.1). This
report can accordingly be used to check or explain the evaluation schemes. Such a listing can be used to clearly communicate the currently set up supplier rating to external institutions (e.g. during an audit).