The Connector NAV Configuration


Connector NAV configuration, actions

Before you start setting up the Connector NAV, your individual configuration data is loaded. To do this, press the Configuration setting action at the beginning. The configuration provides information about your acquired modules.

Register Codeunit

Connector NAV configuration, Register Codeunit

Field describtion
Fax-, Mail-, SMS-, PDF-, CTI-, IncaMail-, Archiv Codeunit For each acquired module, the corresponding object number of the code unit was entered.
Register Page

Connector NAV configuration, Register Page

Field describtion
Dialog Page This is the object number for the dialog page.
Dialog Page E-POST This is the object number for the dialog page E-POST.
Register interface

Connector NAV configuration, register interface

Field describtion
Interface These fields provide information about which interface is used to open the fax or mail function. Available interfaces:
Mail interface Twinfax, OfficeMaster, TOBIT, C3000, SMTP, Outlook
Fax interface Twinfax, OfficeMaster, Faxmaker, TOBIT, C3000
SMS interface Twinfax, OfficeMaster
SMS Domain part About this functionality faxes are sent via SMTP.
Prerequisite is a SMTP2Fax capable fax product.
Register configuration

Connector NAV configuration, register configuration

Field describtion
Fax-, Mail-, SMS-, PdfPaper Client-, PdfPaper Server-, CTI-, IncaMail-, E-POST Granule Provide information about the aquired moduls
User Provides information about the number of licenced users