User example

With Drag&Drop you can add any number of files to any document. So you can easily attach documents that you have locally on your PC and previously could not link to a document in NAV, now with drag & drop to a document and have everything in NAV at a glance.

Overview sales offers with drag & drop infobox

On the pages on which the Drag & Drop function is integrated, you will now see the Drag & Drop info box. Here you can assign any number of files to a document that you have selected on the left. Below the Drag&Drop area, the files are displayed that have already been added to the selected document via Drag&Drop.

Documents wer read into Dynamics NAV via Drag and Drop

You can add as many files as you want at the same time by drag&drop, as well as any file types. Simply drag the corresponding files to the drop area and they will be added to the document, so it is also possible to assign e-mails from Outlook directly to a document.

To view the files, simply click on Show file in the Drop Area’s ribbon and it will be opened.