Status overview setup recommendation

The job list can be intimidating if unsorted, so in this document we will show you an example of how to set up your job list.

Overview “Select columns…"

Lot. no. The sequence no. of the job. Name Name of the recipient.
Job direction Is the job incoming or outgoing. Email sender Who sent the email.
Job Mode How the job was processed. EmailCC If applicable, the CC recipient.
Sending via How the job was sent. Files Number of files sent.
User ID The ID of the user who executed the job. Server Processing Feedback if the job is running via server processing.
Acceptance Time Time of the executed job Processed Feedback if the job was processed successfully.
Acceptance date Date of the executed job. Release Feedback whether the clearance for this job has been granted.
Activity log item no. If available, the number of the activity log item is displayed here. Dialog OK Feedback about the successful completion of a dialog.
Subject Depending on the job mode. E.g. subject of an e-mail. Job Acceptance Depending on job mode. E.g. successful creation of a PDF.
Destination Address E-mail address of the recipient.
This is only a suggestion. Of course, you can always adjust the setup to your needs.