User rights to be extended / Changed objects

The user rights are to be extended according to the object tables.

Type ID Name
Table 23 Vendor
Table 27 Item
Table 39 Purchase Line
Table 121 Purch. Rcpt. Line
Table 5058 Contact Industry Group
Table 5110 Purchase Line Archive
Table 5319462 SUP Vendor Rating
Table 5319463 SUP Vendor Rating Relation
Table 5319464 SUP Criteria Relation
Table 5319465 SUP Criteria
Table 5319466 SUP Criteria Detail Hard
Table 5319467 SUP Report Buffer
Table 5319468 SUP Classification
Table 5319469 SUP Quality Protocol
Page 26 Vendor Card
Page 27 Vendor List
Page 30 Item Card
Page 50 Purchase Order
Page 54 Purchase Order Subform
Page 137 Posted Purchase Rcpt. Subform
Page 5110 Profile Questionnaire Setup
Page 5114 Contact Profile Answers
Page 5168 Purchase Order Archive Subform
Page 9093 Vendor Details FactBox
Page 9095 Vendor Hist.Buy-from FactBox
Page 5319462 SUP Vendor Rating
Page 5319463 SUP Vendor Rating Relation
Page 5319464 SUP Criteria Relation
Page 5319465 SUP Criteria
Page 5319466 SUP Criteria Detail Hard
Page 5319467 SUP Classification
Page 5319468 SUP Field List Supplier Rating
Page 5319469 SUP Vendor Supplier Rating List
Page 5319470 SUP Vendor Rating Wizard
Page 5319471 SUP Quality Protocol Card
Page 5319472 SUP Quality Protocol List
Report 5319462 SUP Supplier Rating Vendor
Report 5319463 SUP Supplier Rating Vendor List
Report 5319464 SUP Supplier Rating Setup
Report 5319465 SUP Supplier Rating Batch
Report 5319466 SUP Quality Protocol
Codeunit 90 Purch.-Post
Codeunit 5063 ArchiveManagement
Codeunit 5319462 SUP Supplier Rating Mgmt.
XMLport 5319462 SUP Im-Export Setup Data
MenuSuite 1059 Dept – Easy Supra