Example process PDF

In addition to PDF creation with the base, you can use the pdfPaper to mix your document with your stationery.

Preview function

At any time before creating a PDF file, you have the option to preview your report - a view of your finished PDF. Using this function does not create a job list entry.

There are 2 variants of the preview:

Pdf Preview - This preview function works even if you have not licensed the iPaper. There is no mixing with a stationery with this function, only a simple PDF of your report is generated.

PdfServer Preview - This function is also a version dependent preview. In this case, a PDF mixed with stationery is generated here if a server variant of iPaper is used.


The creation of PDF files from Dynamics NAV is possible from any page, in the following an offer is used as an example.

Example offer Connector NAV Integration

PDF With this action you create the PDF.
PDF Preview With this action you get the possibility to view the PDF.
Print With this action you can print the PDF.
Status This action takes you to the job list.

Dialog Process PDF


Connector NAV Dialog Mode PDF, Actions

Display stationery This action can be used to display the stationery from the interface transfer.
Change stationery This action can be used to change the stationery.
Register pdfPaper

Connector NAV Dialog Mode PDF, Register pdfPaper

field description
PDF Password Here you can assign a password for the PDF document.
Stationery The current stationery from the interface transfer.