Enhancements to standard features:

**Post & Process function
In selected templates you will now find the function Post & Process, it allows matrix-controlled posting of documents and subsequent processing via a previously set up dispatch type.

**Stacking function
Using the batch run, documents can be processed at the push of a button, the respective dispatch type can be defined in advance per customer in the communication matrix.

More information on both points can be found in the documentation for the communication matrix

New features:

New templates
Immediately after installing the connector, you now have access to even more reports in which our functions are integrated.
The following reports are new in the templates: sales invoices, stock transfer orders, sales complaints, sales credit notes, dunning letters.
You will soon be able to see exactly which functions you will find in these templates in our related overview.

**Mail Sender Plus
The functionalities of our Mail Sender Plus app are now also available in the basic version & as an extension. With the Mail Sender Plus it is possible for you to maintain multiple SMTP senders.