Report selection

Using the search function, open the desired report selection - e.g. the one for sales. Now select the desired report, for our example we use invoices, however, reports from the areas of sales, purchasing & reminder are supported.

in the report selection you will find the new field “Email subject”, you can use this to define your subject. This is freely definable, but static.

In order to set a dynamic subject, you must first define placeholders. You can do this by clicking on the […] button next to the text field for the e-mail subject.

Define placeholder

Now the window “Email subject placeholder” opens, here you have the possibility to define your placeholders. Two fields are available to you:

Placeholder - Here you define how your placeholder should look like.
Definition - This field defines to which field your previously entered placeholder refers to.

Creating a new placeholder
First, enter the placeholder you want to use in the Placeholder field. We recommend using placeholders here which could not accidentally appear in the subject, for example, if you define the placeholder Inv for the invoice number and the subject contains the word Invoice, the Inv part of the word would be replaced in the subject. It is best to use a combination of special characters and numbers or adjust placeholders so that they do not accidentally appear in words.

Now you have to define the field to which the placeholder refers. Here you have all the respective fields from the report you are currently in at your disposal.

Repeat this process for all fields/placeholders you want to use in your subject.

Example of a subject with placeholders

Now that you have defined your placeholders, you can define the subject with placeholders. Close the placeholder setup and click again in the “Email Subject” field. For our example, we have defined the following placeholders for an invoice.

  • %1 - the invoice number
  • %2 - The recipient name
  • %3 - The due date

With this we could now for example, build this subject: Our invoice %1 for %2 - Due %3

how the subject then looks in use, you will find out in the next step.