Working with Mail Experience Plus

The Connector 365 Mail Experience Plus app combines the 3 apps from our Mail Plus series into one power app. Below we provide information on how to use each area.

Mail Subject Plus area

The Mail Subject Plus area is there to add your own dynamic subject lines per report or customer to your emails. You can use placeholders to define your own content.

Working with Subject

Mail Sender Plus area

Mail Sender Plus allows you to intelligently control your sender addresses per report. When used in older versions, Mail Sender Plus functions provide you with a separate mail dialog that is more user-friendly than the standard one.

Working with Sender

Mail Attachments Plus area

Mail Attachments Plus allows you to control your mail attachments at various levels and specify attachments that will always be attached to certain reports when sent by default. Control for attachments over a period of time is also possible.

Working with Attachments